Buddhayah, or what is known as culture, comes from Sanskrit, which means everything related to human reason and mind. Forms of culture communicated through a series of languages can formulate thoughts and express them in various activities. Language and culture allow us to develop complex ideas about how the world might work with the different generations accompanying it. Culture will continually develop according to the system agreed upon among its users through language representations, societal norms, technological developments, tastes & a sense of beauty (art). Culture and creativity are evidence of civilization's most important intellectual products, including cultural change. Cultural changes will depend on the owner of the culture in adapting to the demands of the changing times. Currently, civilization has come a long way in building machines to interweave community culture globally, meaning that with advanced machines presently called artificial intelligence (AI), cultures can be easily identified. AI has driven cultural change to be massive and fast. One example is global warming and unpredictable weather changes, which AI can quickly identify. This has also influenced the harvest season tradition by farmers in agrarian countries.

AI also significantly impacts cultural change in the creative industries such as film, digital business, logistics, and design. The role of AI will continue to grow as a representation of the extension of culture to participate in meeting human needs. The part of creators as art and culture lighters is needed to continue contributing to evaluating new possibilities as AI develops. Although AI has created the standardization of required information, the presence of art and culture will continue to stimulate the birth of cultural innovation globally.

Language, culture, art, and AI are keywords that will always be present in global human creativity today. The various means of human ingenuity present through a series of keywords need to be observed together, regardless of ethnic background, country & customs, to contribute to our future together. To reflect the current technological changes, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Design, the Telkom Purwokerto Institute of Technology, in collaboration with the House Of Natural Fiber (HONF) and Binus University Malang, held Re:Karya, International Video Festival. In celebration of this festival, there will be video exhibitions, motion, film screenings, conferences, and design expos as part of a joint record of artistic genius that will continue to go hand in hand with AI. The role of the creator in creating his intellectual works is a reflection of the current cultural products that need to be celebrated together in this event. Please visit this link http://rekarya-fest.com/