• Gai Suhardja Universitas Kristen Maranatha


Humans on earth have lived for millions of years, their existence has changed due to death due to the limitations of their lives, their descendants are born and also grow and live as the humans of their ancestors, but due to culture, they can think and communicate rapidly, getting better and better for the next generation. Right now it's like the digital era where it's as if the human world is united in the sense that no one is left behind with information that just happened here and there. But about death, humans have not yet obtained information from scientific developments. However, ancient ancestral traditions began to be used again, especially from ancient belief traditions, and humans rediscovered soul communication with their ancestors. Space is the inspiration that he wants to reach, the science of astronomy is an attempt to find extraterrestrial beings with various UFO phenomena, combined communication between physics, metaphysics, and ancestral traditions of knowing the human soul and spirit, is facing interconnections that perhaps will begin to be opened by meditative movements that include global esotericism, entering a realm that is intangible by the senses, but more real than being able to enter to live in it by a person's free will not return to this world but to live in a space that is more real by what he has experienced himself. This paper will discuss the interconnectivity of the universe and the new universe based on literature and the complexity of earthly human behavior in space.

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