• Nissa Argarini Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta
Keywords: Leng performance, dreams, Javanese beliefs, microcosm, macrocosm


This article, entitled Dreams as Cosmic Representation in the Leng Performance, explores the connection between dreams and the portrayal of cosmic beliefs in the Javanese society, as demonstrated in the Leng performance staged by Teater Gapit in 1986. The Leng performance serves as a reflection of the Javanese community’s beliefs and associates dreams with meaningful signs in daily life. In the Javanese perspective, dreams are often interpreted as messages from the spiritual realm. This research examines the correlation between the real-life experiences of the character named Juragan and the dreams he encounters in the Leng performance. Furthermore, the paper delves into the concepts of balance and harmony from the perspective of the Javanese people in the Leng performance. Employing a qualitative research approach with a case study method, this study reveals that dreams act as a gateway to the individual’s microcosm, reflecting the state of the surrounding macrocosm. Dreams are believed to be connected to events occurring in the universe and can provide insights into the overall condition of nature.  Moreover, they can be linked to the situations and conditions experienced by individuals in their waking lives.

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